Why ZiTA !

You feel emotionally attached to a problem when you have gone through it yourself & this is exactly what happened with Vinit Kapoor, who while travelling to Jaipur for one of his conferences decided to say good bye to his plush corporate job & start finding solution of a ubiquitous problem of poor communication skills among majority of college pass-outs in North India. He could well relate to it because he had lived it all himself during his college days.

He had found his ‘Why’ but was not sure of ‘How’ until he came across this quote by Bill Welsh -:

"If your why is strong enough, you will figure out how."

His ‘Why’ was so strong that his ‘What’ & ‘How’ emerged before him like shining stars on a dark horizon.

The idea of ZiTA was conceptualized & implemented with some useful inputs from his wife, Dr Anamika Kapoor, who was a teacher by profession & who joined him later in the cause after chucking her job.

The Problem

Problem with most of the students who come from small towns & rural hinterland is not only of lack of communication skill but also of low self-esteem because of poor communication skills in the English language. They find it hard even to think of landing a job in a big multinational company let alone trying for one. And if some succeed to get into one because of their individual brilliance, they start with a disadvantage.

Same is the case with lakhs of students preparing for hundreds of competitive exams who consider English to be a major barrier between them & a government job.

The Solution

There was only one way to overcome this barrier & it was to ‘focus on the solution not the problem’. Instead of getting bogged down by the enormity of the problem, both external & internal, Vinit started taking small steps towards a big goal.

The Path

Many roads diverged in ‘the wood of teaching English communication’ & ZiTA decided to take the road less travelled one & that truly has made all the difference.

It's Different

Most of the communication teaching institutes follow the same beaten path of teaching English by harping upon grammar, vocabulary & tenses. By doing so, they miss the big factor which is speaking English. So, we decided to do away with the old pedagogy & devised some ingenious ways to make him learn English- both spoken English as well as English for competitive exams.

The Ambience

One of the factors which help student gain confidence is a supportive ambience. Instead of finding faults in his communication, we encourage him to speak whatever little English he knows. This way, instead of fearing from English, students develop confidence.
Students strike a rapport with one another in no time & help bring the best out of everyone.

The Exposure

One grey area in school or college level teaching is the lack of exposure to a variety of industry domains.
A student of ZiTA gets the exposure not only of the language but also of interacting with the successful people of different domains in our programme ‘Guest-chat’.

The Coverage

One of the shortcomings of conventional style of teaching is that it’s unidimensional- and the aftereffect is that a student gets bored after some days & drops the course. We cover the whole gamut- from speaking practice in our programme to reading newspaper, from teaching practical grammar to practicing sounds of English.

In our course for competitive exam, we teach nuances of English grammar in a practical way (programme name- ‘A minute on minute’); besides conducting regular sessions on vocabulary building(programme name- ‘Vocab- churner), we make students learn usage & sense of words through newspaper reading on a regular basis. Detailed discussion on speed test in our programme ‘Speedometer’ makes him exam-ready.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Vinit Kapoor

Left his plush corporate job to help the youth of India achieve their goals in life. A visionary, passionate trainer & a public speaker.

Dr Anamika Kapoor

Left her comfortable job as a senior teacher in a professional college to join her husband in his mission. She is a delightful talker, has a soft heart & a passion to teach.

Varunesh Dwivedi
Marketing Head

Varunesh knows the pulse of the market better than his own. Finding the right product-market match, expanding the business comes naturally to him.