Abhishek Kushwaha

M.Sc (Agriculture) Student

The classes provided at the institute are all-inclusive of the subject matter that is asked in different competitive exams. The faculty members are very motivating and are always willing to help students in all the aspects. I have learnt some meaningful concepts like vocabulary, phrasal verbs and indeed a lot more which will help me score high in my exams.

Divya Singh

Observer in Sikkim Manipal University

As a beginner in English Grammar, I was not very sure that I can improve my English, but just after my first class, there was a positivity in me, that always pushed me to do better in the subject. ZiTA as an educational institution provides guidance to the students which help them to achieve success in different competitive exams. The faculty members are very encouraging and play an important role in shaping the career as well as the personality of the students.

Deepika Yadav

Under Graduate Student

I think it is one of the most wonderful educational platforms that provides individual attention to the student. The faculty members are very helpful and they are always willing to guide us. The study material provided is very useful and beneficial for our competitive exams.

Priyanshu Yadav

B.tech (EC) Student

It has been an enriching and mesmerizing experience to learn English in this phenomenal Institute. It is one of the eminent educational platforms in Lucknow. The methodology of teaching is comprehensive and vocabulary can be easily learnt by the way it is taught in ZiTA.

Gaurav Siyal

M.Sc Student

The institute is extremely good for both weak as well as average students. From the very beginning, I have experienced a sense of satisfaction that has also pushed me to study hard and do well in my exams. I would like to thank the faculty of ZiTA for guiding me so well.

Vimal Kumar Singh

B.Sc (Agriculture) Student

Zita is an educational organization which not only provides knowledge but also enhances our learning in grammar. The faculty is very knowledgeable and puts in great efforts to clear the concepts in grammar. The environment of the classes is very optimistic which lets us grow in our respective careers.

Mohd Arif Khan

Graduate Student

When I decided to join the institute I knew it will help me in improving my grammatical skills but it has also enhanced my overall personality. In just three months, it has opened several doors of opportunities to me. It has given me confidence and also helped in clearing my basics. The institute aims at modifying our knowledge, skills as well as abilities.

Shyam Ji Awasthi

B.A. Student

Zita is one of the best educational platforms where I have learnt a lot. The study material provided is very useful and students are able to practice a lot because of the same. Gradually, my level of understanding has increased and I am able to grasp the content easily.

Animesh Khare

B.A. Student

If one wants to have a comprehensive study of English Grammar and Maths, then he/she should definitely join Zita. It is an institute that gives a stimulating learning environment that begins from the basics and goes to the highest level of the subject.

Mani Chitranshi

B.Tech Student

My experience in Zita has been great and satisfying. Zita provides a very good learning ambience to the students which helps in the enhancements of their skills. The faculty members are enthusiastic and supportive. They work on the basics of grammar and help the students in minimizing their flaws gradually.

Ritu Sahu

Under Graduate Student

Zita is an educational institution that provides a warm and enriching environment to the students with the elements of unique teaching methodology, study material, guidance and indeed well-versed faculty members. I would like to say thanks to Sir and all the faculty members for the immense support and guidance provided to us.

Manish Kumar

Graduate Student

It is a phenomenal platform that brings in both knowledge and delight to students in an interesting way. Sir has wide range of knowledge of his subject and he always puts in tremendous efforts in teaching and explaining the concepts. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the faculty which is doing a great job.

Vikas Shukla

Graduate Student

English is a global language which has the power to change your thought process and the overall personality. The faculty provides basic as well as practical knowledge of English language which leads to the clear understanding of the subject in an easy yet systematic manner.

Jaydeep Shukla

Graduate Student

ZiTA is an incredible institute for beginners as well as learned individuals. If one is beginner, then he will gradually learn a lot, if one is strong in basics, then he can grasp the other elements of the language very well. The ambience of the class is filled with positive energy and students learn the content in a different way.

Avinash Candra Tiwari

B.Sc. Student

I have been lucky enough to get a promising environment in the institute. Such an optimistic ambience leads to a great atmosphere of learning and knowledge that in turn, leads to great results. Due to the presence of qualified, highly trained & dedicated staff, the level of teaching enhances and upgrades day by day.

Pradumn Kumar

B.A. Student

I have great respect for the institute as it has led me to the path of success. I am completely satisfied with the teaching methodology and the study material provided. My standard of English is enhancing day by day and all because of the enriching experience at ZiTA . I express my deep gratitude to the faculty and the institute.

Sameer Siddiqui

B.Sc. Student

Learning at ZiTA is an experience. It is not confined only to English, but I had learnt many life skills at ZiTA. Two of my best friends are from ZiTA. Vinit Sir's care and guidance is top-notch.